Day 43 – Simmesport, LA, to Jim’s Camping Area, New Roads, LA Distance – 45.2 / 2808.6

The Civil War Park was a great place to camp.  I even had a camp cat to keep me company.  She was really cute and attached to me immediately.  Maybe it was the smell of steak cooking.

Campground companion The ride started with a climb up the bridge over the Atchafalaya River.  I hope no one ever asks me to pronounce the names of the waterways I’ve seen.  From there the ride followed country back roads for a good ways before coming out onto Hwy 1, a state highway.  The traffic was heavy and there was a lengthy construction project to ride through.  The worst thing was the wind.  It picked up a lot and was coming straight out of the east.  Even when I was pedaling on smooth, totally flat roads I was only able to average 11 MPH, and that was really working at it.  I was relieved when I reached New Roads.  I’m glad it was a short day.  I hope the wind does something different tomorrow (except blow harder from the east) since the ride will be 90+ miles.  I’m also glad that I was able to get on the internet finally to post these last days.  I’m not much for McDonalds food but there wifi is fantastic.  Tomorrow I’ll cross the Mississippi first thing in the morning.  That will be exciting.

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About Jim Perkins

Retired scool teacher of 37 years, enjoying life with my wife, also retired.
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3 Responses to Day 43 – Simmesport, LA, to Jim’s Camping Area, New Roads, LA Distance – 45.2 / 2808.6

  1. Debbie Short says:

    Hope the wind gets better for your ride. Enjoy crossing the Mighty Mississip.
    Luv, Deb

  2. sherry perkins says:

    Where is the picture of your camp companion? Hope you have a good day tomorrow!

  3. Bob Brooksher says:

    As I am writing this I see on GPS you have just crossed the Mississippi…way to go! You would enjoy reading John McPhee’s book about the Mississippi and how it changes course about every thousand years (we are over that time now). You rode right through the area where the river wants to jump over to the Atchafalaya except for the control structures that have been built. It’s a fascinating story.
    I had a feeling you would have memorable experiences in Cajun country, it is a colorful area with the people, food, music, etc. Glad you got to eat some mudbugs and boudin.
    Well, I think you’ve officially made it to the southeast now and our neck of the woods (we claim a big neck!)

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